Orders Related to Children: Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship

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Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship or SAPCRs establish parental rights (called conservatorship in Texas), child support, and the terms of visitation with the child. When a divorce involves minor children, a SAPCR is incorporated into the divorce. However unlike divorces, there is no waiting period for entry of the order. Therefore, if the case does not involve a divorce, your SAPCR case could be filed on a Wednesday and your agreed order could be signed by the Court on Friday. Of course, drafting the order takes time as does collecting your signature and the signature of the other parent.

If you and the other parent disagree about the terms of the order, then the case takes a very different trajectory and may require mediation for temporary orders, a temporary orders hearing, mediation for final orders and then a final trial. This trajectory causes legal fees to accrue, but sometimes an agreement simply cannot be reached.

Paternity Cases and Suits Affecting the Parent-child Relationship

Unmarried couples that have children will require an order that establishes the following:

Custody and Parental Rights

Child Support


Divorces with Minor Children